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Take a look through some of the beautiful block paving products available.


This classic cobble design is perfect for courtyards. Its delicate sparkle brings a bit of class to any area. With a little detail such as a circle this product can add some true class to any project.

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This is one of the most popular designs. With a modern take on a traditional design this product fits nicely with most homes. Add some circles or kerbs for an amazing finishing touch.

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This classic design offers a multi block paving with an aged effect. It fits nicely with most properties and provides a bit of character.

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With various colours available this product was designed to be a focal piece. Made to build beautiful designs and centerpieces.

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This popular cobbled look can create a distinctive, eye catching look for your property. The manufacturer recommends Complimenting this design with High or Drive style Kerbs.

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Regatta TRIO is a range of quality riven blocks available in mixed packs containing three sizes – so you need fewer packs and will have less wastage on smaller projects.

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This is one of the most versatile products in the block paving range. Its smooth lines and contemporary design make for a very professional look. Often used for gardens and patios due to the reduced gap which minimizes soil collection.

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Beta TRIO paving has been designed to provide the clean lines and flat surfaces of Beta block paving in mixed size packs each containing three block sizes in a pre-determined ratio to create great looking, durable paving.

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One of the most popular block paving designs available simply due to its huge range of colours and accessories. This diverse product can be used for most projects provides a clean and classic design.

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